In our image-obsessed society, we expect to see cameras everywhere. We see ourselves on CCTV monitors in stores, cameras point at us on the street, we even see signs warning us that a camera is about to take our picture - whether we want it to or not. Every day we deal with photography without permission.

I became aware of surveillance cameras in my own home - the ones that show up constantly in movies and TV shows. The photographs from WhatYouSee come directly from my TV screen. News shows, crime dramas, we expect to see surveillance cameras there. They are far more pervasive than that. Comedies, science fiction, hospital dramas, even The Simpsons, all seem to be including these cameras as part of the story or just part of the set design. The media is normalizing surveillance. And the more we see those cameras, the less we pay attention. Because it’s natural.

Get used to it.