Today we live in a post-privacy world, an image-obsessed society where cameras are everywhere. With or without our knowledge, we are being photographed countless times a day. When I made these pictures, I was separated from my subjects by glass store windows. Having a camera with a big lens pointed by an unknown person outside the store created a moment of sudden awareness of something unexpected. Reactions were varied.

By cropping and enlarging the faces, which are often distorted by the window's reflections, and by removing the context, there is a certain ambiguity created. The images can reference mug shots, identity cards, Facebook friends, missing persons, even paparazzi celebrity captures. More closely they resemble surveillance photos, which is what they really are. They are meant to challenge our expectations of anonymity and privacy.

With this project, I received a 2012 Individual Artist Fellowship for Photography from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.